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updated January 25 2009

If you choose to buy a resoguitar (dobro) from
Red Note Guitars
it will give you lots of joy in many years ahead.

I start building resoguitars (dobro) in 1998
after visiting the great builder Paul Beard in USA

I have also been at a luthier class
at Sandén Guitars Sweden.

My guitars are made individually
and always in consultation with you, the customer.
I want the instrument to fit your needs and hands.

You should feel that the instrument is yours and built just for you.
Beside that I´ll give liftime warranty as long as I work as a luthier.

It’s difficult to fine tune all the small details in factory-built guitars,
but as a sole builder, I can take all the time I need to achieve perfect results.

I hope you will find all the information you are looking for on my sites.

If not, you can always send me an email.

I normaly check my email tvice a day
You can contact me at: info @ rednote.se

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